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Dr Nasrin Haque has lived with her children in Australia for eight years and been told she and her autistic daughter must leave or be deported. Although she does attend a special school, she has not received any other support from the state during her eight years in Australia. Sumaya is an independent young girl with strong computer skills and manages all activities of daily living on her own. My full-time position as a GP allows me to financially support my family without assistance from the Australian state. Haque said she had extensive doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel family support in Australia, and that her children had close relationships with their aunts, uncles, and grandparents, all Australian citizens. If we are deported back to Hungary, we will not be able to function. Deportation would tear our family apart, and new doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 destroy my childrens chances of completing their education and becoming productive members of society. Frankum said Haques children had spent more than half of their lives in Australia, but had now been ordered to leave. The fact that an Australian resident of eight years, whose parents and siblings live here, can be faced with deportation due to illness is reprehensible. Frankum said the decision to refuse Sumayas visa, separating her from her extended family, because of her medical condition, was one of immense callousness. Its adding insult to injury that the assistant immigration minister, Alex Hawke, has already dismissed Dr Haques bid to remain in Australia as not being in the public interest. I would suggest her patients would argue with that. I would further suggest that Dr Haque being able to stay and offer continuity of care to her community is of immense public interest, Frankum said.